Friday, July 24, 2015

Alternative Online Stock Broker: Regina Online Investing (ROI)

Earlier this month, I got invited to the MFT Group Headquarters in Taguig for the soft launch of Regina Online Investing (ROI), Regina Capital's online trading platform. Technically, it's a re-launch of their existing online platform, and this time, they're collaborating with the MFT Group to handle the marketing aspect of the business.

About Regina Capital

Regina Capital Development Corporation (RCDC) has been operating since 1989. It's a private stock brokerage firm that initially catered to high net worth clients.

Fast forward to 2015, Regina Capital has now opened its doors to ordinary Juans who want to get into stock market trading. With a minimum investment of 25,000 Pesos, you'll gain access to their online trading platform, receive stock market research and be able to attend advanced seminars for free.

As mentioned by Luis Limlingan, Head of Sales of Regina Capital, all clients will be treated fairly, regardless of the invested amount. Whatever research the "high net worth clients" receive, other clients will also receive. This is in contrast to other more popular brokers wherein client classification depends on the amount of money invested.

Online Trading Platform

I know many will be interested to see how their trading platform looks like so I requested for some screenshots. Let's go through them and see what ROI has got to offer.

 Screenshot showing the Watchlist, Bid-Ask List and Transaction section

Regardless of the screen displayed, you'll always have a view of the market summary which includes the index value, index change, total volume traded, total amount traded, total number of trades, number of advances, number of declines, number of unchanged and number of stocks with no trades.

ROI's Watchlist screen allows you to view 12 stocks per page. By selecting a stock in the watchlist, the Bid-Ask list will be displayed on the same page, showing the 5 highest buying price and 5 lowest selling price for the selected stock. The lower right portion of the screen, the Transaction section, allows you to place a buy or sell order on the same page. Neat! I definitely like the efficient design.

Screenshot showing the Transaction section with Buy details

By clicking the Action dropdown list, you can choose to buy or sell the stock you selected in the watchlist. The Trading Pin and Buy/Sell button are also displayed on the same page, allowing you to place an order faster.

Screenshot showing the Transaction section with Sell details

Clicking the Stock Info menu item will display the trade information for the stock, as well as its price chart. It's nice to have an immediate access to the price chart so you can easily check how the stock performed in the last 2 years. The price chart can also be configured to show the price movement for the last month, last 3 months, last 6 months or last 12 months.

 Screenshot showing the Stock Information and Price Chart

Similar to the Watchlist screen, the Bid-Ask list and transaction section are displayed on the same page. That's lesser clicks for you to place an order after checking the stock information.

Screenshot showing the Charting Tool

Clicking the Chart menu item will display the charting tool. The tool allows us to add technical indicators such as Volume, MACD and DMI. Noticeably missing are the options for RSI and EMA, and it seems that only one Simple Moving Average can be specified. There's also no way to draw trend lines, support-resistance lines, Fibonacci retracement and curves. You'll need a separate charting tool if you normally use those stuff.

Similar to the Watchlist and Stock Info screens, the Bid-Ask list and transaction section are displayed on the same page.

In case you're the type who like to watch the stock ticker, here's a screenshot of their ticker tape.

Screenshot showing the Ticker Tape

I'd like to cap off my post by giving two more reasons why you should consider ROI:
1. ROI provides a screen for showing foreign flows. If you're the type of trader who likes to monitor foreign buying and selling, this will definitely be helpful.
2. ROI is connected directly to the PSE trading system. If the PSE is up, you can be assured that ROI's platform will also be up, unlike the more popular brokers that experience frequent downtimes, delayed quotes and other issues.

To know more about Regina Online Investing, visit
To attend their free stock trading seminar, register here.

Special thanks to Ms. Camilla Bontogon of MFT Group for the screenshots.


  1. Hi Glenn, sorry for OT but speaking of MFT i heard they are offering fixed returns for fixed time investment on MFT. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    1. Based on the info I got, it seems to be a good alternative to corporate bonds and preferred shares. For more info, I suggest you inquire directly with MFT. :)

  2. Hi Glenn. Trading account funding is through which bank?

    1. Hi Casper. According to my contact in MFT, funding can be done through BDO. Soon, they'll also allow funding through RCBC and BPI.

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